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Become a Nail technician with Kylua Professional courses! Discover the academic journey best suited for you and obtain the certification to start working in the Nails world right now! You will discover the wide range of Kylua products and learn the best techniques to become a real Nail Artist!

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Kylua Academy’s STANDARD COURSE is ideal for those with no experience in the Nail world. During this course, you will learn the craft of nail technician and put into practice various methods. You will be joined by our expert Master Pro who will accompany you on this 4-day professional training course. Contact us for more information about the topics covered.

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The Advanced Nail Art Course is ideal for those wanting to perfect and increase their knowledge in nail decorating, by experimenting with new methods and more complex techniques compared to standard Nail Art.

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New Technology. A product that brings renovation in nail reconstruction methodology. AkryLike is a hybrid product that combines the best features of a gel and those of an acrylic.

The right balance between flexibility and strength. 

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When we talk about semi-permanent nail polish, we must pay attention to the state of the natural nail, its structure and its imperfections to be able to give the best semi-permanent nail service. On this course, you will discover various systems in order to respond better to every need.

Course programme: 

- Nail deformation and abnormalities.

- B.iolac range: Beauty treatment and complete preventative treatment for nails.

- Soak-Off Technique: Application and removal

- Flake-Off technique: application and removal. 

- Specific products for nails with imperfections. 

- Practical test

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Each to their own shape… What are the most requested shapes? Ballerina,Almond, Squoval…

Course Programme: 

- Correct insertion of Nail Form

- Cutting Nail Forms to fit the natural nail perfectly 

- Correct pinching for C-curve 

- Correct filing

- The ‘Muretto’ technique or wall technique with the help of camouflage gel 

- Practical test

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Onychophagy is a disorder that causes a person to eat their nails uncontrollably.

Course Programme: 

- Nail pathologies

- Analysis and possible problems

- How to treat an onychophagy nail and advice for maintaining the treatment. 

- Practical test

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Building technique with Nail Form is suitable for extensions to the natural nails, especially damaged ones and for creating extreme forms. 

Course Programme: 

- Nail deformities and abnormalities

- 3-step system

- Extension technique with Nail Form

- Correct insertion of Nail Form

- French manicure 

- Perfect coating

- Practical test

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Course Programme: Toenails should have special attention as they are subject to stress. The products to use have specific compositions in order to protect the nails from shoe pressure. On this course, you will learn how to solve different pathologies and imperfections.  

Course Programme: 

- The foot: Anatomy and function

- The nail: Anatomy and function

- Nail pathologies

- 1-step system: specific One-Step Podo gels

- Correction of the big toe

- Practical test 

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The Basic Course for Nail Building is ideal for those with no experience in the Nail sector and can be a good starting point for a wider training, to then follow on to doing all the advanced courses. 

Course Programme: 

-Theory (Day 1): Nail function and anatomy, colorations, pathologies and nail modifications, nail building methods, photo polymerization, filing (techniques and nail files to use), Nail Shape (perfect nail shape), 3-step system.  

- Building with Nail Form (Day 2): 3-step system, extension technique with Nail Form, correct insertion of the Nail Form, practical test

- Casting (Day 3): 1-step system, casting (natural nail covering), French Manicure technique, a perfect coating, practical test

- Refill (Day 4): 1-step system with Refill Technique, evaluation of the state of nail growth, how to understand possible mistakes made, removal of photo hardening material, hygiene, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, practical test. 


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New Technology. A product that introduces renovation in the methodology of nail reconstruction. AkryLike is a hybrid product that combines the best features of gel and acrylic. It is the right balance between flexibility and strength.

Course Programme: 

-Theory: What AkryLike is, its features and its great versatility

- Practical test: Casting (natural nail covering), extensions with wall technique and a perfect French manicure, nail pinching, extension of natural nail by a third without the help of a Nail Form, reconstruction of missing corners without the help of a Nail Form, Dual Form (modeler for AkryLike).

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Training Course dedicated to a particular style or event. 

Ex: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Bride, Animalistic, Flowers…

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A course to start making quick and easy techniques for nail decorations. 

Course Programme: 

- Color theory

- How to develop a decoration

- Backgrounds and blending 

- Smearing effect technique

- Static effect technique

- Baby boomer

- How to apply Swarovski, microbeads, bolts and studs

- Practical test

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This course is ideal for those who want to perfect and increase their knowledge in nail decoration, by experimenting with new methods and techniques that are more complex than those of basic Nail Art.

Course Programme: 

- How color gels are used

- Marble effect

- Interweaving

- Squiggles

- Wet on wet

- Watercolor with gel color

- Practical test

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The most complete and up-to-date nail themed training course with teaching, professional and commercial purposes. 

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